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Dame Helen Mirren Loved Shedding Her Clothes for Pictures

63rd Annual Cannes Film Festival - 'Robin Hood' Premiere Arrivals
Celebrities attend the 'Robin Hood' premiere at the 63rd Annual Cannes Film Festival. (Photo Agency)more pics »Helen Mirren (Photo Agency)Dame Helen Mirren has laughed off suggestions she is too old to pose nude.

Speaking about her recent flesh-flashing photo shoot for New York Magazine, the 64-year-old actress insists she doesn’t care what people think of her risque decisions.

When it was put to her that some people were upset by a woman of a certain age baring all during an interview with Collider.com, Helen laughed and said “too bad." She said she loved the final photos because they were so natural.

She explained: “I like the photos because I thought they were naked in the proper sense of the word naked. I’ve got very little make-up on. There’s no elaborate lighting. He just used a flash. And it’s simple and it’s real. I think that was the intention of the photographs.”

Helen is adamant the nude shots were never supposed to be interpreted as sexy.

She said: “They weren’t intended remotely to be sexy, I think sex and nudity are really two different things, you see, but then I’m a bit weird like that. Sometimes nudity is sexy. Sometimes it’s not. Sometimes being clothed is more sexy than being nude. I think people tend to get the two mixed up.”

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