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Why HELLO, Hofit Golan!

Getty Images.

Who, exactly, is Hofit Golan?

According to the trusty Internet search, she's an Israeli socialite. According to her commenting fans, she's "stunning and a TV presenter and spokes model [sic]" who "looks classy and sexy."

Well, I'd beg to differ:

Hofit+Golan in World Premiere - Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince - Outside Arrivals

Uh, I could knock the head petals, but I don't even have to. This garishness doesn't even fit well. But it did get her picture taken, so mission accomplished, probably.

Hofit+Golan in Brüno - UK Film Premiere Outside Arrivals

And her shoes are great, which is probably why she wore them to yet another film premiere last month. This looks a little like a figure-skating-dress-turned-venus-fly-trap. But neither of these outfits holds a candle to the majesty that was her Cannes premiere dress:

Hofit+Golan in Inglourious Basterds Premiere - 2009 Cannes Film Festival

Wow, Hofit!

Which isn't to say she doesn't pick a great dress now and then:

Hofit+Golan in Home Of Alfred Dunhill Store And Launch Party

She just saves these for the moments when no one's paying attention.

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