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Snow in Houston Comes Earlier Than Ever Before

Houston, Texas is used to temperatures in the 90s, but this morning Houstonians woke up to an exciting surprise: the earliest snowfall in the city's history. According to MSNBC, the record-setting weather has caused a winter storm warning for the southeast portion of Texas.

A Houston guy walks in the snow (MSNBC.com) Houston is expected to get another two inches of snow today, with some areas even accumulating three to five. Meteorologist Chris McKinney said, "It's not normal to see not this much snow. Sometimes, we don't see snow at all. It just doesn't happen."

Houston isn't your average winter wonderland. In fact, since 1985 it's only snowed 33 times, and it's never snowed there two years in a row. Residents should be on the lookout for rain, freezing rain, sleet and hail, which are expected in the area, as well as traffic delays.
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