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Icona Pop Should Thank Rihanna for Turning Down 'Girls'

(Getty Images)Most artists would be thrilled to have their songs featured on the hit HBO show Girls, which has developed a reputation for breaking up-and-comers, but not Rihanna. In a new interview with Radio.com, music supervisor Manish Raval revealed that the singer turned down a request to use her music in one of the show's most memorable scenes — and just happened to give Swedish duo Icona Pop their big break in the process.

Evidently Rihanna (or someone on her team) was opposed to the idea of using "Talk That Talk" for a scene in which Lena Dunham's character tries cocaine for the first time. Though Rihanna loves to post pictures of herself indulging in the wacky tobaccky on her Instagram, she apparently doesn't want to be associated with harder drugs. Or maybe she just doesn't need the exposure. Whatever the case, Raval now believes the refusal was a "happy accident."

"You know after we had shot it and edited it, I was just waiting for it to come out," he explained of his decision to use Icona Pop's "I Love It." "People responded so much to the Robyn song ["Dancing on My Own"] in season one, I knew people were going to have the same response to the Icona Pop thing. And also because, they were an unsigned band and no one knew the song. It was going to be an inherently original moment. Even when I hear the song now I think of the scene."

There's more original music in store for Girls' third season, too, including new tracks by Miguel, Jenny Lewis, Lily Allen, Christina Perri, and Beck. But there are some oldies in there, too.

"There isn’t anyone who we wouldn’t use, I think that’s the rule with this show, there should be no rules. We should just do whatever feels right and that’s really how we’ve operated since season one," Raval mused. "We did it almost a full year before it came out and we’re working on this little show with no big Hollywood stars and we didn’t really know it would become what it’s become. We operated without any restrictions and we think it would be very unfair for our process to start putting restrictions on who we can use and should use."

Below, check out the trailer for Girls' upcoming season, which features Grouplove's "Ways to Go."

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