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Ira Glass -- 'This American Life' comes to theaters

Ira Glass will be appearing on the silver screen.
Attention NPR listeners: hop into your Volvos, because your favorite show, This American Life, will be appearing on the big screen tonight.

From journalstar.com:
Last year, they decided to bring the live show to everyone else. A live transmission of the performance was broadcast to hundreds of theaters across the country, garnering an audience of about 30,000. 

The experiment was so successful that “Life” decided to keep doing it. For its second annual trip to the cinema, “Life” will perform a live show at the Skirball Center for the Performing Arts at New York University and simulcast it to a few hundred movie theaters, including one in Lincoln.

“This lets us kind of go everywhere,” said Ira Glass, the show’s host.

The X factor in doing the show live, he said, is whether people will laugh at the jokes.

“When you’re on radio,” he said, “you just have to imagine that it’s working. You know, like, you’re alone in a soundproof room, and you just think, ‘All right, I guess that got over.’ Whereas you actually get the actual feedback when there are people there.”
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