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Adios, Isis.

Isis King's Final ANTM Photo.  All photos courtesy of CWTV
On last night's episode of America's Next Top Model, transgendered contestant Isis King was sent home.  The 22 year-old, born Darrell Walls, had been rattled during a water photoshoot, worried that her undergarments wouldn't keep everything in check.

Isis pre- and post-makeover.

All in all, Isis should be proud of herself.  She held up remarkably well in a competition famous for its contestants' bitchery, never letting anyone get her down. 

She's an inspiration not just because of what she represents for the LGBT community, but also for her fierce understanding of who she is.  That lady is mighty self-confident, and so very gracious.
Speaking of self-confidence (or over-confidence), Tyra made this face while saying that Isis was an inspiration to the LGBT community:

Great job, Tyra.  I can tell you're taking this seriously.
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