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Here's What Pregnant Jaime King is Craving

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Jaime King announced her pregnancy about a month ago and now she has more big news: She's craving olives! And barbecue sauce! (Hopefully not together, unless it's on pizza, maybe.)

Anyway, the Hart of Dixie star talked about how she's doing in an interview with Us Weekly Tuesday. "I'm feeling good," she said. "I mean, every day is an exciting new day because everything changes so quickly!"

She then added a tidbit about her current cravings: "I really want olives a lot. And barbecue sauce!"

These days, while she's not chowing down on olives, she's trying to find the perfect crib for her baby-to-be. Apparently it's tough. "I started looking online but it's really hard to find the right crib," King said. "There are a couple that I really like, but it has to go with the rest of my house because my house is mid-century."

"There are so many things when you're having a kid that you have to think about. It's overwhelming," she added.

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