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11 Things We Need in the 'Enchanted' Sequel

Let Idina Menzel sing, bring back the cel animation, and lay on the big musical numbers!

Amy Adams in 'Enchanted.'
Amy Adams in 'Enchanted.'
Walt Disney Pictures

AEnchanted sequel is officially in the works, but the whole thing is still kind of a giant question mark. We know who's writing it (J. David Stem and David N. Weiss) and directing it (Anne Fletcher), and we know the same producers are handling the sequel, but we don't know anything about the plot or who will star. With that in mind here's a short checklist of things we'd really like to see in Enchanted 2.

1. The original cast

11 Things We Need in the 'Enchanted' Sequel

We're super excited Disney is revisiting Enchanted, but if they think they can just sub in a new cast and we're not going to care, they're wrong. Even if the primary story revolves around new characters, we have to know if Giselle's sense of wonder is still in tact, if Nancy misses New York, if Edward is still oblivious, and how Nathaniel's book career is going. And if Amy Adams isn't the lead this time, they better find someone who is because she really put her stamp on Enchanted.

2. More Idina Menzel

11 Things We Need in the 'Enchanted' Sequel

With the popularity of Frozen, it would seem like a missed opportunity if Disney didn't bring back Idina Menzel for Enchanted 2. And let her sing this time!

3. Address the phenomenon that is Frozen

11 Things We Need in the 'Enchanted' Sequel

Especially if we're going to get more Idina Menzel, you can't make Enchanted 2 — a sequel we're assuming will continue to both skewer and pay homage to Disney's princess movies — and not somehow acknowledge that we're now living in a post-Frozen world. I don't care if it's Idina Menzel rolling her eyes at an Elsa doll or gang of little girls singing "Let It Go," we've got to get some Frozen material in there.

4. Stay true to the spirit of the first movie

This is a tricky one since Disney is bringing new writers onboard for the sequel. Enchanted was the rare comedy that successfully indulges in self-parody without losing its sense of sincerity. That's really, really hard to do, but if the sequel is going to live up to the original, it has to walk that line.

5. Bring Back Alan Menken and Stephen Schwartz

Alan Menken (L) and Stephen Schwartz.
Alan Menken (L) and Stephen Schwartz.
(Getty Images)

Disney's go-to songwriter for the past 30 years or so has been Alan Menken, who's won eight Oscars for his work on their animated features. He wrote all of Enchanted's songs with frequent collaborator Stephen Schwartz and three of those songs were nominated for the Best Original Song Oscar. With a long Disney history, Menken knows exactly how to pay homage to those classic songs we love while also having fun with them. Need proof he's still got the touch? Listen to "I've Got a Dream" from Tangled.

6. At least one gigantic musical number

The big showstopper in Enchanted was "That's How You Know," which found songwriter Alan Menken going back to skewer his own brilliant and memorable breakout hit from The Little Mermaid, "Under the Sea." In the movie, the song finds Giselle leading a huge choreographed dance number through the middle of New York's Central Park. It starts with a small group of buskers playing steel drums and ends with hundreds of extras doing complex choreography that's all supposed to be a spontaneous musical act. The audience, like Patrick Dempsey as Robert, starts out skeptical, but both are totally won over by the end of the number.

7. Full-on princess action

11 Things We Need in the 'Enchanted' Sequel

Movies like Tangled, Frozen, and even Maleficent have changed what we've come to expect from both princesses and villains, and it would make sense for Enchanted 2 to react to those changes. But we still want our real-life princess fix in this movie. That means big hoop-skirted, princess-sleeved ball gowns. And a sincere sense of wonder. And maybe a tiara.

8. A hand-drawn animated world

11 Things We Need in the 'Enchanted' Sequel

Enchanted is a sort-of tribute to the Disney of yesteryear. I can see how it would be tempting to make Enchanted 2 the same sort of tribute to modern animated movies, and in some ways I think that's a good instinct. (Like I said, I'd love to see them address the Frozen phenomenon.) But in one regard, I really want to see Enchanted stay old-fashioned. The first movie's animated bookends were created using traditional cel animation as opposed to CG animation. Please don't change that in the sequel!

9. Tons of Disney Easter eggs

Like, Frozen-level Easter eggs.

10. A Really Great (and Actually Evil) Villain

Susan Sarandon was pitch-perfect as the evil Narissa in Enchanted, and we need someone just as amazing and terrible for the sequel. And don't Maleficent her by making her sympathetic. (Yes I'm using Maleficent as a verb.) We want her clothed in black and dripping with depravity.

11. Girl Power

The ladies drove the plot of the first movie across the board, and since Enchanted hit theaters, our animated fairytales have taken on even more actively feminist sensibilities. Let's keep the ball rolling with Enchanted 2!

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