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Zimbio Review - 'American Reunion'

From Left: Jason Biggs, Eddie Kaye Thomas, and John Cho (Photo by Getty Images)

The Bottom Line
Should you see it?


Fans of the series will take it for what it is, but I can't subjectively endorse this unoriginal installment.
Sentimental to a nauseating degree and almost totally unwilling to try anything new, American Reunion is a far cry from a great comedy, but it will please fans of the franchise who just want another installment of the same old thing. That's not to say the movie isn't funny. It definitely has its moments. Give writer/co-director Jon Hurwitz credit for at least realizing the two funniest characters (Seann William Scott as Stifler and Eugene Levy as Jim's dad) needed more screen time. However, after a promising start, the film drones on at 112 minutes and features an especially boring third act. There's only so much whining, apologizing Jason Biggs I can take.

Now in their 30s the Pie buddies are all suffering in some menial way and are looking forward to getting together for their 13th? high school reunion. After getting married in American Wedding, Jim (Biggs) and Michelle (Alyson Hannigan) are suffering through the sexual doldrums after having a kid. They hope the upcoming reunion weekend will reinvigorate their sex lives. Kevin (Thomas Ian Nicholas) is happily married but sick of watching lame TV with the wife every night. Oz (Chris Klein) is a sportscaster and pseudo-celeb now but is finding being famous isn't all it's cracked up to be. Finch (Eddie Kaye Thomas) returns on a motorcycle with tales of globetrotting, but is only telling half the story. The four buddies are happy to reunite but leave out the Stifmeister who soon finds them together at a bar and buys Kevin's excuse that he put a typo in the reunion email.

Stiffler immediately demands the boys get wasted like they did in high school and have a weekend for the ages. Jim tries to hold out but reluctantly agrees and we find him asleep on the kitchen floor the next morning, pants-less and surrounded by the casualties of late-night snacking. Biggs takes his famous scene from Pie a step further here, going full-frontal as Michelle and her friend, Selena (Dania Ramirez) come home and surprise him. This, however, is the only real example of one-upsmanship from the original movie, despite the fact nearly every joke from American Pie is redone and done again.

American Reunion features plenty of the crowd-pleasing jokes the original was beloved for. The opening prologue celebrates the series' signature masturbatory moment as Jim is caught (by his son) and so is Michelle (by Jim). There's some lengthy gratuitous nudity thanks to Jim's 18 year-old next door neighbor, Kara (Ali Cobrin). Jim and his dad have those excrutiatingly uncomfortable sex conversations again. Obviously, there are plenty of references to Finch sleeping with Stifler's mom (although Stifler exacts some revenge this time) and we are reminded to death that Jim is a "pre-ejaculator." Nostalgia is everywhere for this latest installment as the 90's soundtrack reminds us, and it is great to see the gang back together, but by the end, the same old same old gets pretty tired.

The best scene is Stifler's party where the sexual deviant is embarrassed by all his thirtysomething guests' mature behavior. He decides to get Jim's dad drunk and feeds him luge shots and tries to get him some "vag." To which the old man replies "What's that? Half a vagina?" Stifler is as raunchy and as fun as ever and Willam Scott is great as the immature man-child who can't grow up.
The rest of the lobotomized cast needs some serious help. Jim has a scene where he chastizes Stifler and tells him to grow up. Michelle tells Jim she is "disappointed" in him when he cops to hanging out with high school girls. Oz and his old flame Heather (Mena Suvari) still harbor old feelings and spend wasted screen time gazing at each other. Kevin is as boring as always, whining through scenes where he feels guilty for being attracted to Vicky (Tara Reid). As lame as the main characters are, John Cho does have some funny scenes as MILF guy #2, especially his reunion with MILF guy #1.

The tagline for the movie is "Save the best piece for last," but I'm betting we haven't seen the last of this gang. In all, American Reunion is what it is. I was never a huge American Pie fan, but everyone loves some good immature humor and there's no shortage of that in this sequel as well. Fans of the series will probably love this installment. It's easily the best since the original, although that's not saying a whole lot.

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  • Tara Reid in "American Reunion" Premiere
  • Tara Reid in "American Reunion" Premiere
  • Tara Reid in "American Reunion" Premiere
  • Tara Reid in "American Reunion" Premiere
  • Tara Reid in "American Reunion" Premiere
  • Tara Reid in "American Reunion" Premiere
  • Tara Reid in "American Reunion" Premiere
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