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'Mistresses' Premiere Recap: The Hottest Moments from Tonight's Show


Mistresses officially has everything. Sex, love, lies, baby mama drama, death. But honestly, its just a whole lot of sex, leading up to said sex, and then I guess there a few moments where the characters are breathing air, doing other things — but you can tell in their eyes they're thinking about sex. Grab yourself a vodka cocktail, dim the lights, because Monday just became 'me' time.

The aptly titled new ABC drama Mistresses premiered tonight and is about just that: women who sleep with people's husbands, or cheat on their own — almost. I say 'almost' because a.) I didn't see anyone sleeping if you catch my drift and b.) not all of them are philanderers, yet. Also, there are some really hot guys. Brett Tucker anyone? Yes, please.

'Savi,' played by Alyssa Milano, is a workaholic trying to get pregnant by her gorgeous Aussie accented husband Harry (Brett Tucker). He found out his 'swimmers' however aren't exactly Michael Phelps. Que sera… there's a gorgeous co-worker who doesn't even have the self-control to wait until Episode 2.

Josslyn, played by Jes Macallan, is Savi's fun-loving, free wheeling sister whose lover/boss surprises her with the most incredible 'love nest' beach house that somehow she turns down. For a woman who spent the last 45 minutes getting on my every nerve about how 'casual sex is cool', don't be stupid —take the house.

I'm SO excited to see one of my Lost favorites Yunjin Kim show up on ABC again as Karen, the therapist who sleeps with, and may have accidentally helped to kill, her — of course — married patient.

The final lady of the group is April Malloy, played by Rochelle Aytes, and she's too preoccupied by the ghost of her dead husband and his illegitimate child and lover that show up at her door to have time for an affair this week.


Can we say we've stumbled across a slam dunk of cray cray here? If by 'cray cray' we mean a show that has taken the cue of 50 Shades of Grey and Game of Thrones soft core porn success, threw in a marginal storyline to connect the dots, and kept only the camera angles acceptable for ABC. Welcome, Mistresses. Now if we were to take out said "marginal storyline to connect the dots" — what you would have seen tonight was this:

The Hottest Moments from Tonights Show:

- The opening was just straight sex. No pun intended. Someone is pushed against a window, there's moaning and it's an attention getter.

- After what can only be called 'office sex' with her boss, Josslyn (Jes Macallan) pulls a move that I inspire all to try. After a confident exit, nothing is left but her underwear on his desk chair. Well played, lady.

- Savi getting it on on her desk — because lets be honest, who hasn't thought about it? And if you haven't, you will now with the adorable Jason George.

- Love making, on the floor, by the fire. Cliché as they come, but continuously played out for a reason. While this doesn't happen in real life (who lays on the floor?), on the silver screen Karen and her lover make this hot list.

- Savi and the gorgeous Brett Tucker (playing her husband Harry) 'meeting' at a bar as if she's picking him up, as a married man, not married to her. It could be Brett's flawless face. It could be the role playing. It was hot.

- Josslyn with her man... on a kitchen counter.

- Karen thinks she's getting broken up with, and instead is pledged complete and utter love. By a dying man, as men do seem to like to wait until the last possible second to tell you they love you… but it was really touching, and so it makes the list.

- Last but not least, if Josslyn's thong on the chair move is just a bit much, take a leaf out of Savi's book. Get some super sexy lingerie, surprise your man, and show him the goods… hopefully it will work out better for you than the writers of Mistresses had it end up for her.

All in all, I'm looking forward to seeing how this season plays out, although given the very handsome male talent, I am somewhat bummed this show isn't on HBO — or more appropriately, Cinemax. What did you think of tonight's premiere? Have a hottest moment I missed? Comment below!

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