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6 Points of Interest in This Behind-The-Scenes Photo from 'The Expendables 3'

(From facebook.com/JasonStatham)Jason Statham posted a behind-the-scenes cast photo from The Expendables 3 to Facebook over the weekend, and as expected, it's a picture of a bunch of tough guys making tough guy faces. But wait, is that Wesley Snipes? Why, yes it is. The until-recently incarcerated actor will make his return to the big screen when the movie opens in August, but that's not the only thing that went through our minds while looking at this photo. Here are a few of the bullet points.

1. The Tough-Guy Faces

It feels like half the reason the Expendables franchise exists is to serve as a scowling beefcake contest for its cast of heavyweights. Here's a closer look at each of their rugged mugs.

2. Wesley Snipes' Presence

Snipes was a major theatrical draw in the '90s, but nearly ended his acting career in the 2000s during a protracted fight with the IRS as they tried to make him pay millions in back taxes. Of course, it didn't help that he had reportedly grown tremendously difficult to work with. Well, if he plays his cards right, maybe that can all be water under the bridge. This will mark the former action star's return to the big screen after doing a stint in federal prison from December 9, 2010, to April 2, 2013.

3. Jason Statham Really Is a Tough Guy

If anyone deserves to put on a tough-guy face, it's Statham. According to Terry Crews, Statham proved he was the real deal when a stunt went wrong, ending with him trapped under water in a truck. The former Olympic-level diver was able to escape from the truck and swim to the surface to the huge relief of his co-stars who were stuck watching from dry land.

4. Dolph Lundgren Is Smart, Too

He may look like a muscle-bound heavy, but the Swedish actor has a brain, too. He studied chemistry for years, eventually earning his Master's in Chemical Engineering from the University of Sydney in 1982.

5. Why We're Really Seeing the Movie

Terry Crews has built up a serious fan following after showing off his funny side in Brooklyn Nine-Nine, but we still think of him as a consummate action star. So, why's he wearing a tank top in this picture that seems better suited to a Brooklyn hipster? Maybe that's just the maximum amount of clothing his contract stipulates he can wear at any time.

6. And What We're Really Thinking When We See Terry Crews

In case any explanation is needed.

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