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Jayson Blair, of NYT Plagiarism Scandal, Now Works as Life Coach

Jayson Blair, a 33-year-old former reporter for the New York Times who resigned following a public scandal with the paper, is now working as a life coach. The scandal, which included plagiarism and fabrication, also caused two editors to resign.

Jayson Blair (AP)
Blair climbed the ranks of the New York Times quickly and had a regular tenured reporting position before he was caught plagiarizing. An extensive report by the New York Times in 2003 found that 36 of the 73 national stories Blair had written were suspect.

Now the ex-journalist is working as a life coach in north Virginia for respected psychologist Michael Oberschneider. The AP reported, "Oberschneider said he took a long, hard look at Blair before hiring him, in large part because of his past, which included substance abuse. But he was impressed at the rapport Blair had established with members of the support group."
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