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'Hunger Games' Casting News: Meet Jeffrey Wright, Your New BeeTee

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One of the final pieces of the Catching Fire casting puzzle has fallen into place. Today Lionsgate announced esteemed character actor Jeffrey Wright has signed on to play Beetee in the Hunger Games sequel. You may know Wright from solid bit roles in everything from Casion Royale to Source Code to the Angels in America HBO mini-series for which he won a Golden Globe and Emmy.

As for what Wright will be doing in Catching Fire, prepare for spoilers. Beetee's Wikipedia character summary is as follows:
Male tribute from District 3. He is described as an older man with dark hair, pale skin and glasses. He is an incredibly smart inventor and can effectively use wire as a weapon, usually in combination with electricity. He is crucial to the plans of the Rebels to rescue the Tributes in the Quarter Quell, having devised a method of short circuiting the force field surrounding the Arena. He is nicknamed 'Volts' by Johanna Mason. In Mockingjay he is one of the scientists who works in District 13. He creates Katniss's bow and arrows for her "Mockingjay" costume and helps Gale develop bombs, one of which is likely the bomb used in the bombing that killed many Capitol children and rebel casualty aides (including Prim). He is part of the committee that gathers at the end of the book to vote whether or not to hold a final Hunger Games (he votes against the idea)."
Wright joins new castmembers Sam Claflin (Finnick), Jena Malone (Johanna Mason), and Philip Seymour Hoffman (Plutarch) for the Hunger Gamers follow-up due in theaters November 22nd.

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