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Check Out Jena Malone's Latest 'Catching Fire' Look

(From Lionsgate)Ever wonder about those Capitol styles from The Hunger Games? Like, what in the world would the outfits described by Suzanne Collins — high-end couture inspired by things like coal mining, agriculture, electronics, and in this case paper and lumber — look like? Well wonder no more because the surprisingly fully realized Capitol Couture magazine breaks down one such look in its latest issue.

The fake magazine, which reads like a bizarro world Vogue, explains how Johannna Mason's (Jena Malone) dress was inspired by her home in District 7, where they harvest lumber, and make paper. Just check out that badass nail bracelet!
Mason arrives at her photo shoot for Capitol Couture looking anything but meek. She has a reputation for being snide with her prep team. District 7’s stylist has been dressing tributes like oak trees and firs for the opening ceremonies ever since the first Hunger Games. Clearly, Mason prefers a more conceptual take on lumber and paper. “My stylist’s the biggest idiot in the Capitol. Wish I’d gotten Cinna,” she has been known to mumble.
The magazine also features a fake ad for Cinna's (Lenny Kravitz) latest scent, and a brief feature on another designer, Daniel Vi Le. Here's the full picture of Johanna's outfit.

(From Lionsgate)
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