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Fashion Rebel: Jena Malone

There's a thin line between daring and detestable, and Jena Malone seems to skirt that line fairly often.  I admire her for dipping into some looks I haven't seen since 1988 (SHOULDER PADS, anyone?), but I wonder if she's trying a little too hard to appear the "artsy, quirky girl" she so often plays.

This is Jena at the premiere of The Go-Getter (I hadn't heard of it, either).  I actually really love this look.  She's softened up her dark bob with a few loose curls--sweet--and the soft orange/black combination of her dress works beautifully with her skin (which is gorgeous, too).

Here's Jena at the opening of the Alexander McQueen Flagship Boutique in LA.  Again, I love the hair.  Her makeup isn't quite as polished, but it works with the retro-inspired frock.  It's just...I really can't dig those boots.  Especially not with the socks.  It's just like a hipster wearing neon
earmuffs at a concert: dude, you're trying too hard.

This bob was a daring choice, as Jena has very strong features--the mixture of the two could be angular overkill.  Somehow Jena manages to pull it off...and then there's her dress.  I have the feeling that the people over at Getty made sure not to take any pictures of this gown in its entirety, as they didn't want to cause the young starlet any undue embarrassment.  Jena, shoulder pads: NO.

A much softer, younger look for Jena.  Really lovely and retro with the belted waist.

You...didn't mean this...in earnest, did you, Jena?  You hipsters and your irony...I think i saw those shorts on Fergie .  But not paired with that hat.  Even Fergie knew to put away the hat.

Jena, you're adorable.  I love your coat.  Nevermind what I said earlier.  You can just coast on the love I gained for your "Cussing in front of Jesus" scene from Saved! forever. 

For the die-hard Jena freaks out there, here's a clip of her performing with her band at Joe's Pub I found on Youtube.  The band was called Jena Malone and Her Bloodstains . Now it's The Shoe . I'm kind of into the older name.  And about twenty seconds in, I'm kind of into the song, too.  Unironically.
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