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Is Jennifer Garner Pregnant? Just Tell Us Already!

Is she pregnancy or not? That's the debate going on in the tabloids right now. With some sites reporting that actress Jennifer Garner and husband Ben Affleck are expecting there second child, others announcing that she's already five months pregnant and a few speculating she might be, it's really impossible to tell.

The rumors started with her Alias on-screen dad Victor Garber mistakenly telling Us Magazine that the star was in fact expecting her second child. "Yes, she is," Garber replied to a question, which was taken out of context on the magazine's website.

He later corrected himself, "I haven't confirmed that at all, no," Garber said at an ABC event. "I know they want to have another child and hopefully that's true, but I don't know that."

So, basically, Garber doesn't know either.

Still, the evidence is piling up in favor of a second child for the celebrity couple.

Tabloids began reporting on the 36-year-old's choice of loose fitting clothing earlier this month. Then there was Ben Affleck's quote in the U.K's Times newspaper. "And we're going to have another baby soon," he told the paper, "now that we've figured out how to do it."

And, finally, there was the sighting of the couple heading into a Los Angeles obstetrician's office, E! Online reported the story.

So, who knows, basically, who knows? The couple already has a daughter, Violet , who was born in December 2005.

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