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Did Ben Affleck Hint at Marriage Problems with Jennifer Garner 2 Years Ago?

Affleck's award acceptance speech for 'Argo' may have indicated stormy waters.


Bennifer 2.0 is splitsville, and our hearts are breaking.

Naturally, in times of loss, we look back in retrospect. The couple was charismatic, affectionate and, from an outsider's perspective, very much in love. Should we have seen it coming a very long time ago?


In this case, maybe so.

Two years ago, dramatic thriller Argo won the Academy Award for Best Picture, an honor which director and co-star of the film Ben Affleck articulately accepted.

He discussed the experience of being "just a kid" in Hollywood with no clue what he was doing, getting "knocked down in life" but refusing to stay down, and perhaps particularly relevantly, the trials and tribulations that marriage brings via a statement directed at Garner.

I want to thank you for working on our marriage for 10 Christmases. It’s good, it is work, but it’s the best kind of work, and there’s no one I’d rather work with.

Keyword: "work."

These comments, though stated lightly and met with pleasant laughter, were notable. So notable, in fact, that multiple publications proceeded to hone in on this one statement when covering the event.

As Huffington Post contributor Melissa Wall wrote

"We enter this voluntary (some say insane, and they’re not entirely wrong) pact because we do a cost-benefit analysis and decide that the benefits of getting married (or otherwise partnering for life) outweigh the potential costs -- breakups, emotional pain, financial disarray, the list goes on...

"Large or small, it’s still work -- there is no way around that. And failing or refusing to do this work means the death of the relationship, maybe not today, but eventually."

Are these statements true for everyone? No.

While some couples are quick to admit that a marriage takes plenty of effort, others are of the mind that a relationship should feel easy, uncomplicated, and secure.

In this case, though, it seems that the work required has indeed become just a little too much.


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