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Jeremy Bloom -- Football player, Olympic skier, model, philanthropist

Jeremy Bloom has done more in 27 years than most do in a lifetime.
Add another bullet point to Jeremy Bloom's resume: philanthropist.

The Olympic skier, football player, and professional model also runs a charity organization, "Wish of a Lifetime" which helps low-income seniors.

From an article at cbs4denver.com:
Jeremy Bloom is one good dude. He may not be playing football anymore, but he's still very active in the community.

Next Thursday night he's hosting his annual "Wish of a Lifetime Evening Affair". It's a charity dinner with all the proceeds going to help low-income seniors.

Nancy Tarpin is one example. Last year her daughter was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, but Tarpin didn't have the funds to visit her in Arizona.

"Our foundation came together and flew her out to Arizona," said Bloom. "And she got to spend 3 precious days with her daughter."

"That was a moving experience for me," continued Bloom. "I went out there with her and you don't know what people go through until you walk in their shoes."
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