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Hot Damn! An 'American Gigolo' TV Series Is Heading Your Way

Get your spending money ready, people!

Hot Damn! An 'American Gigolo' TV Series Is Heading Your Way
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Well, it was bound to happen.

Showtime is currently developing a small-screen remake of American Gigolo which is based on the 1980 film starring a very handsome Richard Gere. The drama series will be set in present day Los Angeles.

Jerry Bruckheimer Television and Paramount TV are producing the new project. Paul Schrader, who who wrote and directed the famous film, will serve as an executive consultant.

The TV reboot of American Gigolo was in the works for almost two years before Showtime finally picked it up. Both Jerry Bruckheimer and Paramount TV also produced the original 1980 film, so this is clearly a passion project.

Hot Damn! An 'American Gigolo' TV Series Is Heading Your Way

American Gigolo centers around Julian Kaye, a high-end male escort, who indulges in a superficial and emotionally detached lifestyle in Los Angeles. After getting mixed up with a senator's unhappy wife, Kaye also gets entangled in a murder case.

Gere gained a lot of attention after the movie came out, especially since it featured an unforgettable full-frontal shot. The real question is who'll headline the TV adaptation of American Gigolo. Perhaps a fresh face?

Are you excited about the American Gigolo TV reboot? Will you be tuning in? Hit the comments to dish and discuss.

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