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Jim Cramer Can't Let it Go

(Getty Images | Inset from Today show appearance)

Do you know the term l'esprit d'escalier? It's a French expression for that enfuriating phenomenon of being struck dumb at a critical moment and thinking of exactly the right thing to say while you're walking down the stairs after the conversation. Literally it translates to "stairway wit." (Thanks Wikipedia.)
I think it was a naive and misleading thing to attack the media. We weren't behind this. - Jim Cramer on Jon Stewart's critique of CNBC and Cramer

Judging by his Today show appearance Thursday morning (video below), Jim Cramer must have been suffering from a major case of l'esprit after his beatdown at the hands of Jon Stewart. Cramer went on the Today show to say a few things he should have brought up during his appearance on the Daily Show while he sat there and looked deeply ashamed of himself. He mostly succeeded in just keeping the incident in people's minds as he complained that Jon Stewart's critique of Cramer, CNBC and money media et al, was "naive and misleading." But at least he showed some fight in him.

"I think it was a naive and misleading thing to attack the media," Cramer told Today host Meredith Vieira. "We weren't behind this. CNBC in particular has been out front on this.
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"Steve Liesman broke the first big big sub-prime story. David Faber did the best work that I've seen of any journalist... Erin has been at the forefront, talked about it so much we used to joke about 'Erin, how often are you going to talk about sub-prime?'"

The core of Cramer's argument is that CNBC still does quality work, and Stewart should be grilling the bankers and the politicians, not the media.

It amounts to passing the buck and failing to acknowledge CNBC's shoddy work.

"I think that there are people who bear so much more responsibility that it's just wrongheaded," Cramer said. "The politicians, the regulators, the SEC, the lenders, the investment banks."

But  not CNBC?

Oh and what about the parts where Cramer tried to appease Stewart by saying he would try to do better?

"That was an attempt, as it was throughout the interview, to take the high road, which I was brought up to think that was a good thing to do, and to go in for a discussion," Cramer explained. "Sometimes high roads aren't well-greeted in the media, but I believe you should always try to do better."

Let it go Cramer. You shouldn't have gone on the Daily Show in the first place, and you're lucky to still have a job. It does you no good to keep this in the news cycle.

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