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Jim Cramer to Appear on Daily Show

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On the heels of his Today show rant with Meredith Viera, Jim Cramer has seen fit to extend his painful beatdown at the hands of Daily Show host Jon Stewart by appearing on the show Thursday.
Stewart is known to bring the levity in situations like this, making nice with adversaries such as Bill O'Reilly and John McCain, but he had never said "fuck you" to either of them. On two different occasions in the past week, Stewart has looked directly into the camera and said "fuck you" to Jim Cramer, and the LA Times reports that Stewart plans to grill the Mad Money host once more before they meet.

At best, things are going to be awkward.

Stewart certainly has the advantage. Cramer has been on the defensive from the start, and Stewart has nothing to prove. There's nothing that could happen in this meeting that could lose him viewers, damage his reputation or put his job in jeopardy. The same can't be said for Cramer.

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