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Jimi Hendrix Sex Tape to be Released

Vivid Entertainment, the company known for releasing classy films such as the Kim Kardahsian sex tape and another film of the same caliber featuring Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, is releasing an alleged sex tape starring Jimi Hendrix.

In the film, the rock legend is supposedly engaging in various sexual acts with two brunette women, according to a statement released by Vivid. The footage appears to be shot in a hotel room about 40 years ago. Hendrix, decked out in his signature bandanna and Afro, only appears on screen for a few moments, with his eyes closed. Other shots are flashes of his profile, and his hands. The film has no audio.

The company said they consulted with several experts to authenticate the footage before deciding to release it. But, the identity of the man in the film is heavily disputed. The film has floated around Hendrix admirers for years, and many experts and former friends and associates of the deceased star maintain that it's not him.

The 45-minute DVD will sell for $39.95, and combines 11 minutes of sex footage, with an overview of Hendrix's career, but none of his music will be included. Odd that a company would publish anything having to do with an icon like Hendrix, and not include his music. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that what he's best known for?

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