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Highlights from Daniel Radcliffe's Comic-Con Debut

Find out more about 'Horns' inside.


The Harry Potter movies made Daniel Radcliffe a mega-star, and has colored everything he's done since. So it was no surprise to see many of his Potter fans crowding into Hall H at Comic-Con for a look at his next movie, Horns.

Based on the Joe Hill novel of the same name, Horns finds Radcliffe playing Ig Parrish, a guy who's haunted by the murder of his girlfriend a year prior to the beginning of the story. One night after drinking way too much, Ig wakes up with horns growing from his head and finds they have powers. They can make people tell the truth about their deepest secrets, and they can make people act on their animal urges. Here are a few of the highlights from the Horns panel, which featured Radcliffe, Hill, and director Alexandre Aja.

#1. Daniel Radcliffe's Comic-Con Debut

Despite a decade's worth of Harry Potter movies, Daniel Radcliffe had never been to Comic-Con until Friday. He was welcomed with an understandably big applause, and since his 25th birthday was Wednesday, everyone in Hall H sang "Happy Birthday" to him.

#2. Joe Hill Looks Like His Dad

His dad is Stephen King. Here's a side-by-side.

Joe Hill and his dad, Stephen King.
Joe Hill and his dad, Stephen King.
JoeHillFiction.com | Getty

#3. GOING "R"

Based on the footage we saw, it looks like Horns is going to be rated R, which will be good news for fans of the often dark, thoroughly R-rated book. Director Alexandre Aja said in the footage they showed it was edited to remove the male nudity.

#4. There Will Be an "Extreme" Transformation

As Ig Parrish, Radcliffe will wake up with horns on his head, and we've seen what that looks like, but we haven't seen everything. Radcliffe hinted at a more "extreme" look near the end of the film, which sounds like it's in keeping with the book.

#5. It Was Joe Hill's First Time in Hall H, Too

And he was psyched! "Joss Whedon's butt sweat once graced this chair, and I can almost feel his thing, his essence coming up into me," Hill said.

#6. Daniel Radcliffe Had to Learn to Drive

In one scene, Radcliffe has to drive around with a python around his neck, and to get the shot he had to work with a snake wrangler in the back seat. Before rolling, Radcliffe told the wrangler he didn't have a license, and couldn't drive. "That's okay," the wrangler replied, "I've never handled snakes before." Hilarious! But seriously, Radcliffe had to learn to drive, and wrecked three Gremlins while working on the movie.

#7. Joe Hill Loves Radcliffe in the Role

Hill says he "got tremendously lucky that Dan wanted to do the film." And he wasn't worried about Radcliffe's Harry Potter fame getting in the way. "I'm a Harry Potter fan, too," he said. "I saw those movies over and over, and read those books over and over." Hill says he couldn't imagine a better acting school than going through the process of making those movies. He added: "I don't think it's any surprise that all these guys have gone on to do impressive, exciting work."

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