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Joe Manganiello Will Play Batman Villain Deathstroke!

He'll be in Ben Affleck's solo Batman movie.

Joe Manganiello Will Play Batman Villain Deadshot!
Getty Images | DC Comics

Deathstroke is indeed coming to the DC movie universe, and Joe Manganiello will be the man behind the villain's one-eyed mask. As Deathstroke, Manganiello will suit up as the main villain in the solo Batman movie helmed by Ben Affleck himself. The announcement came Thursday and by way of confirming the news, Manganiello changed his Twitter background to a picture of the character and tweeted an article on his casting with the words, "It's on..."

The news follows last week's tease tweeted by Ben Affleck showing test footage of the villain in costume.

As of now there's no word whether Manganiello will appear in the upcoming Justice League movie next year, and so far the Batman solo movie doesn't have a release date. So we don't know yet how long we'll have to wait to see him on screen.

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