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Then and Now: Joey, Matthew, and Andrew Lawrence

Find out what the Lawrence brothers have been up to lately.

Then and Now: Joey, Matthew, and Andrew Lawrence
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If you grew up in the '90s, then you probably remember watching Joey Lawrence, Matthew Lawrence, and Andrew Lawrence on TV. The handsome brothers were memorable thanks to their irresistible smiles and good hair. Plus, they were the only group of brothers who could serve up a worthy rivalry against Hanson.

Clearly, the Lawrence brothers were a notable presence during the Golden Era of the '90s, but they also managed to transition from child stars to relatively successful adult actors. So what TV shows and movies allowed them to do that? Keep reading to find out.

How It All Began

Then and Now: Joey, Matthew, and Andrew Lawrence
NBCUniversal Television

Joey joined the cast of the NBC sitcom Gimme a Break! in season 3 and Matthew was brought in as Joey's younger brother in season 6. The cast of Gimme a Break! also included famous stars like Rosie O'Donnell and Nell Carter.

Chillin' With the Best On-Screen Nanny

Then and Now: Joey, Matthew, and Andrew Lawrence
20th Century Fox

In 1993, Matthew starred in the childhood classic Mrs. Doubtfire opposite Robin Williams, Sally Field, Pierce Brosnan, and Mara Wilson. The comedy earned $441,286,195 worldwide and was the second highest grossing film in 1993 (Jurassic Park took the top spot).

Making It Mainstream

Then and Now: Joey, Matthew, and Andrew Lawrence
Buena Vista Television

From 1995-1997, the Lawrence brothers starred on the TV show Brotherly Love, which wasn't a major hit but it brought them mainstream recognition. Conveniently, their characters were given the same names: Joe, Matt, and Andy.

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It's Always a Family Matter

Then and Now: Joey, Matthew, and Andrew Lawrence
Touchstone Television

Joey played teenage heartthrob Joey Russo on Blossom, while both Matthew and Andrew played younger versions of the character. As the stereotypical dumb jock, Joey Russo was a ladies man who rarely concluded a conversation without saying “Whoa!”

Joey even stepped in to help Matthew master the art of saying “Whoa!” Although Joey delivered the monosyllabic catchphrase effortlessly, Matthew clearly struggled to pull it off.

Matthew's Big Break

From 1997 to 2000, Matthew starred on the popular ABC sitcom Boy Meets World as Sean Hunter's endearing half-brother Jack. Seriously, who didn't love the friendship between Eric and Jack? Those two had an epic bromance ― you know, before bromances actually became a thing.

Andrew Discovers the Spotlight

Being a voice actor is no easy feat, especially if you're a kid. However, Andrew took on the challenge and totally crushed it. From 1999-2001, he voiced the main character, T.J. Detweiler, on the popular cartoon Recess. T.J. even resembled Andrew with his brown hair, freckles, and love for red baseball caps.

Shall We Dance?

Then and Now: Joey, Matthew, and Andrew Lawrence

Like most child stars who fade into relative obscurity, Joey decided to take a chance by starring on a reality TV show. In 2006, he was featured on Dancing with the Stars and placed third in the competition.

The Youngest Brother Proves Himself

Although the Showtime series United States of Tara was produced by Steven Spielberg and written-created by Diablo Cody (Juno, Jennifer's Body), it was still a remarkably underrated show. Andrew played the surprisingly complex Jason Maurio, and proved that he had some serious acting chops. Toni Collette, Rosemarie DeWitt, John Corbett, and Brie Larson were also part of the cast.

Joey Finds His TV Soulmate

Joey starred in the ABC Family movie My Fake Fiancé with Melissa Joan Hart. It premiered to an audience of 3.6 million viewers, thus making it the most-watched TV movie of the 2009 ratings season.

Both actors also served as executive producers on their ABC Family original series Melissa & Joey, which aired from 2010-2015. The show won the People's Choice Award for Favorite Cable TV Comedy in 2015.

As expected, Matthew guest starred on the show as Joey's younger brother, Tony Longo. Side note: Matthew is by far the hottest Lawrence brother. Like, let's just be real here.

Then and Now: Joey, Matthew, and Andrew Lawrence
ABC Family

Andrew also guest starred on Melissa & Joey and played the part of Ryder's history teacher. Whose brilliant decision was it to cast baby-faced Andrew as a high school teacher?!

Going Back Never Felt So Good

In 2015, Matthew reprised his role as Jack on the Disney Channel series Girl Meets World, which is a spin-off of Boy Meets World.

Chasing the Beach Life

Currently, Andrew has a recurring role on Hawaii Five-0. He plays the nephew of Detective Danny Williams and his comedic mishaps are usually golden.

Game Show Time!

The entire Lawrence family battled Mario Lopez's family on an episode of Family Feud. Clearly, they were all dressed to impress.

The Future Is Bright

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All the Lawrence brothers have been working consistently since they were kids, and it doesn't seem like they are going to stop any time soon. So what lies ahead for them? We'll just have to keep an eye on them to find out.

Until then, here's another cute photo of the adorable trio. Enjoy!

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