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'The Conners' Has Cast David's Girlfriend, And Movie Fans Will Love The Twosome

Adding Juliette Lewis to the 'Roseanne' spinoff reunites her with 'Christmas Vacation' co-star Johnny Galecki.

'The Conners' Has Cast David's Girlfriend, And Movie Fans Will Love The Twosome
Juliette Lewis/Instagram

The Roseanne spinoff is alive and kicking! On September 26, Deadline reported The Conners had cast David's girlfriend, and it's an actress fans might be surprised by: Juliette Lewis. Viewers already knew John Goodman, Laurie Metcalf, Sara Gilbert, Lecy Goranson, Michael Fishman, and Johnny Galecki were set for The Conners, and earlier in September, it was revealed Roseanne revival regular Maya Lynne Robinson would be promoted to a full-time castmember on The Conners. A few additional stars were bumped up to official cast members as well.

But the most exciting news came on Wednesday, when it was revealed Lewis had officially joined the cast of The Conners. The actress, activist, and musician revealed she'd joined the cast in an Instagram Story that showed just how psyched she is for the part. Lewis is playing Blue, the previously mentioned (as yet unseen) girlfriend of David (Galecki). 

"HERE’S THE BIG NEWS!! Look what I’m doin!!!" she wrote on Instagram alongside a picture of herself, Galecki, and Gilbert on the series's iconic couch. But that wasn't all! She added a bunch of hashtags — like, a lot of them — including one that reminded fans what a big deal the casting was.

Lewis wrote, "#LuckyMe #TheConners @theconnersabc #JulietteLewisisonTheConners #whoohoo #GreatWriting #ReunitedWithMyGriswaldBro @sanctionedjohnnygalecki and the incredible @thesaragilbert #JohnGoodman #LaurieMetcalf" 

Reunited? Oh, yes. Words. Are. Colliding.

Eagle-eyed fans will realize this is not the first time Lewis and Galecki have starred together. Last time, she probably would have made a joke about how "twisted" it was. In 1989, Lewis and Galecki co-starred in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. If you can't picture them, it's because they were kids. The young actors played Rusty and Audrey Griswold, the son and daughter of Clark and Ellen, and it's too precious for words that they're all grown up and still acting together some 30 years later.

'The Conners' Has Cast David's Girlfriend, And Movie Fans Will Love The Twosome

Of course, Rusty and Audrey might not be so excited about it. In Christmas Vacation, the frustrated teens were at each other's throats, protesting everything from their relatives visiting to having to sleep in the same bed. (OK, some of those things they were totally right to object about.) They know how to play off one another, especially when it comes to smart humor. 

Whether you agree or disagree with ABC's decision to move away from Roseanne and move ahead with The Conners, it's big news for fans of television. They've found a way to take an established, beloved franchise — and a very successful revival —and keep the best parts of it. Roseanne Barr's behavior might have gotten her removed from the show, but that doesn't tarnish its place in television history. It certainly doesn't take away from what the show meant to people. Moving ahead with The Conners means a new generation has a chance to appreciate the best parts about the Conner family, (most of the) warts and all. 

'The Conners' Has Cast David's Girlfriend, And Movie Fans Will Love The Twosome

The Conners series premiere is just around the corner. Per ABC, the first episode will air on October 16, which is only a few weeks away!

That means Lewis is unlikely to show up in the first episode (or even the first few), but the Griswold family reunion is definitely on its way.

Get accustomed to seeing them smooch — and soon.

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