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John Kerry: Party Animal?

Ooohh look what TMZ dug up this time.

John Kerry , five chicks and a whole lot of partying.

As far as politically scandalous photos go, I'd say these are borderline. Yes John Kerry looks like he's totally getting down with the sorority girl action.

But, I'm thinking he got jumped by a Bachelorette party.

1. Girls only drink out of penis straws at bachelorette parties.
2. The two older dudes with Kerry are his buddies, so are we to believe this was just a hot girl party roving the streets looking for washed-up politicians who love Bon Jovi and tequila?
3. The girls are the only ones holding drinks and they definitely look more partied up than Mr. Tall-and-Boring.

The only regrettable part of the story is that if these pictures had hit the Interweb four years ago, maybe that stodgy image would have been broken down and laid the way for a Kerry upset at the polls.

I love this one. It says: "OMG you guys, this is totally going on my MySpace."

These girls definitely won some TMZ bragging rights for the next few years.

As for Senator Kerry, his people released the following statement:

"As Sen. Kerry and two friends left dinner at the Straight Warf restaurant on Nantucket and walked down the dock, a large group on a boat recognized Senator Kerry and asked if they could have a photo taken. The group came off the boat and onto the dock, took a photo with Sen. Kerry and his friends, and then Sen. Kerry and his two friends immediately walked away. End of story."

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