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'The Punisher' Gets a Badass New Trailer, Will Release Same Day as DC's 'Justice League'

An interesting coincidence, no?

Netflix Has Scheduled 'The Punisher' to Release on the Same Day as DC's 'Justice League' Hits Theaters

The Punisher has been highly promoted and by the look of the newest trailer, the hype is real, but Netflix has made an interesting decision about its release. On Thursday, Oct. 19, the streaming service announced the upcoming comic adaptation would become available Nov. 17 — the same day DC's Justice League hits theaters.

Here's the full trailer for the violent drama, which stars The Walking Dead's Jon Bernthal as "The Punisher" Frank Castle:

Fans were quick to point out the scheduling coincidence on Twitter, accusing Marvel of shady intentions.

November is a good month for superhero lovers, who can look forward to a triple dose of Thor: Ragnorak, Justice League and The Punisher.

In July, Bernthal crashed The Defenders panel at Comic-Con San Diego and got personal about what the character meant to him.

"Frank has a big place in my heart, and I'm eternally grateful to get another crack at him," Bernthal said, going on to promise the police force, the military, and comic book fans that he's done his best to get it right. "I hope you guys dig it," he said.

Jon Bernthal made a surprise appearance at #TheDefenders to promote Punisher.

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The Punisher is expected to be one of Marvel's most graphic productions to date, evidenced by the company's decision to cancel its panel at New York Comic-Con following the tragic Las Vegas terrorist attack.

Brace yourself. It's going to be a wild ride.

'The Punisher' Gets a Badass New Trailer, Will Release on the Same Day as DC's 'Justice League'

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