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Stephen Colbert More Popular Than Snow White

Stephen Colbert More Popular Than Snow WhiteThanks to social media, web analytics, and perhaps an unending attempt to answer the question, “who am I?,” we now have ways to quantifiably measure cool factor. One is the Facebook Share.

In an effort to settle the "best late night show argument," we present data from our Which Late Night Host Are You? personality quiz, a scientific test used to determine your talk show host alter ego.
Stephen Colbert More Popular Than Snow White47% of those who took the Late Night Host quiz and got Stephen Colbert as their host / personality type shared the results on their Facebook pages. Jon Stewart is currently tracking at a 45% share rate.

For context, the Facebook share rate from those who got Snow White in our Which Disney Princess Are You? quiz is 38%, which we always considered quite high.

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(Photo: Colbert Report)

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