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Remember When January Jones and Josh Groban Dated Back in the Day?

Getty ImagesJanuary Jones might be keeping the name of her baby daddy a secret from most of the world, but it's far more interesting to think about her personal life from far before she became a mom in real life and Betty Draper on the tube. For instance: She dated singer Josh Groban. For three years.

That's right: Groban, the curly-haired guy whose voice gives us goosebumps, was on the arm of Ms. Jones from about 2003 to 2006. And they wore the most ridiculous outfits together — which was partly the fault of the early '00s but also somewhat unexcuseable.

Anyway, let's take a trip down memory lane, shall we?

The Beginning:
Groban had a double platinum record under his belt when he started dating the actress in 2003. At the time their love blossomed, she was working on the cinematic gem American Wedding. And both were pretty young — he 22, she 25. Though it wasn't the kind of relationship that made the tabloids daily, the couple did hit the red carpet fairly often. They went to the 2003 premiere of Love Actually, got cozy at the 2004 American Music Awards, and stunned at the 2005 Oscars together, for starters. Groban's hair was wild and free for all of these, while Jones went through a variety of looks (and crop tops!) during their time together.

Their Time Together:

The End:
These two announced they were "taking a break" in June 2006 and their reps didn't have any other details about the split other than they planned to "remain friends." The story basically fizzled from the headlines after that.

However, Groban has talked about the relationship in interviews since. The singer told Details in early 2013: "We dated for about two and a half years, and we were madly in love. It was definitely my longest relationship."

Chances of Reconciliation? Slim to none.

Though Groban hasn't exactly had another high-profile relationship since Jones, these two seem like they're running in very different circles at this juncture. She's a mom and has a hit TV show and he's still doing the music thing. But, hey, maybe they'll cross paths at an awards show one day and the sparks will fly again. Crazier things have happened, especially in Hollywood.

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