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'Scandal' Recap: Power Rankings For "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner"


This week on Scandal, we got a glimpse into Olivia’s complicated past with her father, while Olivia, the Gladiators, and the White House staff tried to deal with the Jeannine-is-Fitz’s-mistress “story” (aka lie) they broke in the season premiere. So who ended the episode on top, power-wise, and who sunk to the bottom? Read on to find out!

1. Fitz: Fitz is so proud of his lady, and we’re not talking about Mellie. Olivia is fighting for Jeanine and also for Jake Ballard, who is still in the hole. Liv asks Fitz to find out where he is, and Fitz is told that he has absolutely no control over B613. Um, you’re the leader of the Free World and you don’t have control over a murderous, well-trained sect of spies? And then we get this gem: “How presidential are my balls now, Cy?” Fitz pre-empts Mellie’s pre-emptive Jeannine ploy by going on national television and interrupting the very interview in which Jeannine would have sold her soul and confessed. He gives Cy two choices: behind door number one? Free Ballard and he’ll lie about sleeping with Jeannine. Door number two: Fitz blows the whole thing up and tells the truth about being with Olivia. Cy opts for choice numero uno. Poor Jeanine. But, good for Fitz, who gets some of what he wants. Up, up, to the top of the heap.

2. Rowan/Eli: Olivia’s dad is hell-bent on Jeannine Locke taking the fall for the presidential affair, and stoops so low as to threaten his daughter dearest with Jake Ballard’s life. Jake’s in the clutches of B613, and hearing about “the hole” they put you in to try and reprogram you (via Huck) is enough to get Olivia to ask Fitz for help in getting Jake to safety. In a flashback, when Olivia finally realizes exactly what her father does for a living, he totally shuts her down and orders her around like the d*ck he is. She walks out on him. And hangs up on him later because he had cute Senator Edison attacked. And put Jake in a hole. And Huck. And, god, we hate you, Rowan. But we can’t deny you have influence.

3. Mellie: When Cyrus tells Mellie “You’re evil,” she replies, “You’re welcome.” Mellie, why are your eyes so crazy and why are you so damn powerful? Speaking of powerful, Mellie, after hearing TV pundits basically degrade her to a jealous harpy, takes a shot at the jugular of the episode and pulls Jeanine into a car to discuss her “future”. We wouldn’t want to meet Mellie in a dark alley, that’s for damn sure. Mellie knows she could do better, and this is how she does it? Girl, run for your own office. Don’t ruin an innocent aide’s life. This bumps her down a few spots from last week.

4. Olivia: Olivia wants to have four kids with Fitz in Vermont where he is the mayor and she makes jam, but hey, instead she has to go hard after the White House. Well, they say women can’t have it all, eh? There are many flashbacks in this episode, and it’s a good thing that Liv got rid of those bands, because they clearly cloud her judgment. Anyway, what happens when you realize your father is the head of an ultra-secret organization? You confront him at a restaurant, you cry, and you ask stupid questions like, “Do you throw [people] in a hole until they go insane?” The men in Liv’s life make her look like such a moron, Dad and Fitz included. Minus, Liv. Minus. Though she does, via Fitz and a whole lot of inadvertent scheming re: Jeannine Locke, get Jake Ballard back a-l-i-v-e. And she never stopped checking the morgue for his body while he was missing! You gotta give her some points for that. Dead bodies are gross, even if Joe the Bartender from Grey’s Anatomy (Shonda Rhimes uses a lot of the same actors: is there a shortage in Hollywood?) is the morgue guy.

5. Huck: Huck gives us the quote of the episode: “I can kill a man with very little effort and a lot of joy but I try not to. Okay?” In a flashback, Huck kicks some serious ass when he sees Olivia about to get mugged. She asks him where learned to do that, he tells her the right answer, and she asks if he needs medication. Meanwhile, in present-day Washington, D.C., Rowan shows up to Pope & Associates and ish. is. real. Huck and Rowan seem to recognize each other, and we’re terrified. We want our mommies. Later, Huck puts two and two together in that Olivia’s pops is “Command” of B613, and he attacks her (he knows not what he does, wethinks). Poor Huck. He feels betrayed, and we would, too.

6. Quinn: Quinn hacks into Liv’s email “just because she can.” “You should be… less like me,” says Huck. She’s the perfect apprentice, and for this, she gets her own posting this week. Get it, girl.

7. Cyrus: “You need to grow some presidential-sized balls,” Cyrus says to Fitz while trying to convince him to confirm the affair with the (innocent) Jeannine. But Fitz lays the smackdown on him and Mellie abruptly, claiming that he makes the calls. Then Cyrus is promptly pushed around by Mellie (as usual). Not a great week for Cy Guy. He later has to explain to Fitz that the President has no control over B613, and then gets told to fix it anyway, and is then forced to fix it when Fitz gives him an ultimatum before a press conference.

8. Jeannine: J-girl has Olivia-Freaking-Pope “fixing” her White House scandal pro bono. Okay, we get that her name has been majorly slandered, but damn, she’s got the best in the biz in her corner...for free. It could be worse. Oh, and then it does get worse, because Mellie gets her hooks into Jeannine and convinces her (with $2 million, tax-free) to admit to the affair. Power move by Mellie, but BOO, Jeannine! You don’t even get your $2 million in the end (except maybe in a book deal advance and royalties) because Fitz scooped your live interview with his own press conference and copped to the affair in order to save Jake Ballard from the clutches of B613.

9. Jake Ballard: Not in the hole, but looks like he is. Poor, poor Noel. But, he got out. So, up a point.

10. David Rosen: In a flashback, David Rosen has a goatee. How 90’s. Thank god it’s gone. But it’s so bad he may be thrown to the bottom of the pile. Yes, bad facial hair is worse than the B613 hole.

Thanks for reading, Scandal fans! Leave your thoughts about this week’s episode in the comments, and we’ll see you next week, same time, same place, to keep track of what our crazy DC-ites are up to then.
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