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Is Katy B's Take on 'Story of My Life' the Best One Direction Cover Ever?

(Getty Images)British songstress Katy B paid a visit to UK radio show In:Demand this week, where she performed a soulful take on One Direction's latest single, "Story of My Life." Katy, who releases her sophomore album Little Red next month, was accompanied only by a pianist, allowing her powerful pipes to take center stage. Other than a minor lyrical switch (male pronouns for female), it's pretty faithful to the original — and so very lovely.

Thus far, Katy's version has drawn nothing but praise — except from Directioners who must make it clear where their loyalties lie, of course.

So. Is this the best cover of "Story of My Life" of ALL TIME?

It's hard to say. It's not quite as popular as this version by British band The Vamps, who opened for Selena Gomez's show in London last year. It's basically just like One Direction's version, plus Mumford & Sons earnest strumming.

One of the most popular versions thus far is by YouTube star Joey Graceffa and Luke Conard. There is a lot of hair involved. 

Then there's this version by Alexi Blue, which is actually a lot like Katy's except with more candles and sequins and pink.

There's also this Two Worlds version, which adds a couple of original flourishes here and there:

And then there is Matty B. We must never forget about Matty B, who collaborated with Carlos Guevara for this particular clip.

Not everyone is down with that one, it should be noted:
So which of these "Story of My Life" versions adequately captures the fire of this passionate, passionate song?

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  • Alexi Blue's
  • Two Worlds'
  • Matty B and Carlos Guevara's
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