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The Insanity of 'Gremlins 2' Explained by Key & Peele

"You talkin' about a gremlin with glasses who could talk and sing 'New York, New York'? That's brilliant. It's in the movie. Done."

The Insanity of 'Gremlins 2' Explained by Key & Peele
Warner Bros. | Comedy Central

While Gremlins is a classic '80s movie beloved by pretty much anyone who's seen it, Gremlins 2 was a head-scratching follow-up that was so tonally different from its predecessor it's hard to believe it came from the same director. With a high-rise building filled with bizarre gremlin hybrids, it's impossible to watch the movie without thinking it fell victim to the excesses of the '80s. So how did it even happen? Who thought it was a good idea to create a brainy gremlin who interviews Grandpa Munster live on the air? Or a girl gremlin with batting eyelashes and huge red lips? Or a spider gremlin? Or one made out of vegetables? This latest sketch from Key & Peele will answer all your questions.

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