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New Music Videos: The Backstreet Boys Offer Their Support for Gay Marriage

There's a diverse assortment of new music videos today, from the admirably message-laden (Backstreet Boys, for the first time ever) to the irresistably punchy (Hello, French Horn Rebellion — we love you!). Here's the latest.

Backstreet Boys, "In a World Like This"
Unfortunately, there are no choreographed chair dances in the latest Backstreet Boys video, but there is a triumphant message about the power of love — including a show of support for the LGBT community. On Good Morning America Thursday, the group's AJ McLean explained, "Marriage equality is an ongoing issue for years. BSB wants to show our support for the LGBT community and we believe that two people of the same sex should have the right to get married."

French Horn Rebellion, "Johnny Smash"
French Horn Rebellion's new video for "Johnny Smash" offers a very realistic depiction of the unbridled bliss that is their live show. Watch, and then go see them live. You need more French horn in your life.

BRAIDS, "In Kind"
The music video for BRAIDS' new single "In Kind" is as breathy and twitchy as the song itself, mirroring the movement of the song with panoramic natural views and the occasional appearance of frontwoman Raphaelle Standell-Preston.

Autoheart, "Moscow"
Also making waves this week is the sweetly stylized video for "Moscow," which calls attention to gay rights (or the lack thereof) in Russia. "We are lucky in Britain to have laws that mean whether we are gay, straight, bisexual or anything in between, our relationships are recognised and our rights protected by law," the London-based band writes in the video description. "But in Russia there is an anti-gay crisis happening right now: their government does not want to afford their people those same rights and are trying to criminalise even the discussion of gay equality."
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