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Remember When Carrie Underwood Clucked Like a Chicken at Her 'American Idol' Audition?

Getty ImagesCan you believe it's been over a decade since Kelly Clarkson won her ticket to Hollywood on American Idol? She was just 20 years old when she wore a top made of jean pants to her audition. But that wasn't too bad — Carrie Underwood gave the judges her best chicken impression after she sang. The point? Pretty much everyone's American Idol audition was embarrassing (therefore really fun to watch now).

Let's go back in time and review the audition tapes for seven stars who made it big after their time on the show. So much awkwardness and awesomeness awaits you.

Kelly Clarkson
The Year: 2002
The Highlight:
She tells Ryan Seacrest he needs to fix his highlights.

Carrie Underwood
The Year: 2004
The Highlight:
At the end of her audition, she wows the judges with her ability to cluck like a chicken.

Jordin Sparks
Year: 2006
The Highlight:
Simon tells her she does a "weird smile thing" and her performance is "too sugary," meanwhile she keeps smiling.

Adam Lambert
The Year: 2008
The Highlight: When Kara DioGuardi (remember her?!) gets jealous that he kissed Paula Abdul's hand first.

Kellie Pickler
Year: 2005
The Highlight: She tells the judges to "pick Pickler" and sings Kelly Clarkson's "Since U Been Gone."

Chris Daughtry
The Year: 2005
The Highlight: His straw cowboy hat. Hands down.

David Archuleta
The Year: 2007
The Highlight: His mom is SO SO SO happy after he gets the Golden Ticket to Hollywood.
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