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Kim Cattrall Is 'Embracing' Single Life

Kim+Cattrall in 'Meet Monica Velour'  Photocall - 36th Deauville Film Festival
Actress Kim Cattrall attends the photocall for the film 'Meet Monica Velour' during the 36th Deauville American Film Festival on September 11, 2010 in Deauville, France. (Getty Images)more pics »Kim Cattrall doesn't mind that she doesn't have a man. The 54-year-old split from chef Alan Wyse in July 2009 after five years together and is perfectly content with being on her own -- though she hopes to meet Mr. Right someday.

Kim Cattrall (Getty) She said: "I am starting to date, but I'm just dipping my toes. I think, especially at this point in my life, I feel pretty happy. I like who I've become and it’s changing always. I'm kind of embracing that."

Kim is famed for her amazing figure and while she is stepping back into the dating scene, the blonde beauty insists she doesn’t work hard to maintain it in order to impress men.

She said: "I don't do it for a guy. I do it for me. It's about taking care of yourself."

Kim has previously said acting "consumes her life" so much she can't hold onto her relationships and finds it hard to find love with anyone outside of her profession.
The blonde beauty said: "It's very hard for someone not involved in this business to really understand what it's about. You work 12-hour days, and something like a series literally consumes your life. I think it's just time not there, really. But I'm still hopeful that I'll meet someone."

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