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Kishi Bashi's 'Bright Whites' Music Video Is a Delightful Riddle

(via Vimeo)

The music video for Kishi Bashi's playful lead single "Bright Whites" is, happily, as whimsical as the song it accompanies. Directed by Brett Vaughn, the video features literal portrayals of over 50 idioms, from "break a leg" to "backseat driver," colorfully stitched into a narrative about lovebirds trapped by a cruel carnie.

It's beautiful stuff, as is the rest of Kishi's debut album 151a, in stores April 10. It's also interactive. Sharp-eyed viewers can participate in a contest on Kishi Bashi's official site: The first person to correctly identify all of the video's idioms and solve the associated riddle will win Kishi's 151a, as well as a $100 gift card for the Joyful Noise Recordings Store. The next four to crack the puzzle will also win copies of 151a—which is, again, a marvel.

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