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Lauren Cohan Joins ABC Pilot, Eyes 'The Walking Dead' Exit

WTF is going on?

Lauren Cohan Joins ABC Pilot, Eyes 'The Walking Dead' Exit

The Walking Dead has a major Maggie problem.

After weeks of failed contract negotiations for Season 9 of TWD, Lauren Cohan is making her next big move. The actress, who is best known for playing Maggie Greene on the AMC zombie drama, has nabbed a lead role in the ABC pilot Whiskey CavalierScandal alum Scott Foley has already signed on as the male lead in the potential new series.

Whiskey Cavalier centers around Will Chase (Foley) — an FBI agent whose codename is Whiskey Cavalier! After following an emotional breakup, Will is assigned to work with a kickass CIA operative named Frankie Trowbridge (Cohan) — who goes by the bizarre codename Fiery Tribune. Together, they must lead an inter-agency team of heroic, funny, and flawed spies who attempt to save the world.

Of course, we prefer Cohan's other gang of flawed heroes (some of whom are unfortunately deceased).

Lauren Cohan Joins ABC Pilot, Eyes 'The Walking Dead' Exit

The bigger news, however, is of Cohan’s looming departure from TWD. Season 8 could mark Maggie’s end, although there’s a possibility Cohan will return in a limited capacity for Season 9. All of this truly depends on whether Whiskey Cavalier gets picked up to series. It’s also a great way for Cohan to put the pressure on AMC, so she can snatch up the deal she truly deserves.

Would you watch TWD without Maggie? Is Whiskey Cavalier a terribly embarrassing name for a TV show? Hit the comments to dish and discuss all your unfiltered commentary.

The Walking Dead returns Feb. 25 on AMC.

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