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Laverne Cox to Give Makeovers on 'Transform Me'

Laverne Cox is something of a celebrity already, having been the first African American transgendered woman to take on reality TV when she starred on VH1's I Want To Work For Diddy. But now she's getting her own VH1 program: a series about a group of transgendered making over women across the country, called Transform Me.

Laverne Cox will star on Transform Me (Blackgaygossip.com) Cox said in a press release over at PRNewswire.com, "Transform Me is a show about everyone who's ever felt that the person they are on the inside isn't quite reflected in who is seen on the outside. Transgender folks are in many ways the ultimate example of this. We've taken extraordinary steps to bring who we are on the inside…out, and we're committed to helping other women do the same thing.  If we can do it, anyone can!"

Besides I Want to Work for Diddy, Cox has also appeared on shows like Law & Order and HBO's Bored to Death. She'll be joined on Transform Me by beauty expert Jamie Clayton and model/fashionista Nina Poon.

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