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'Castle' Recap: The Top 10 Lines From the Season 6 Premiere


returned tonight to answer one big cliffhanger and leave fans with an, arguably, even bigger one. Last season ended, of course, with Castle standing up from a literal and figurative swing set only to get down on one knee to propose to Beckett. But what would her answer be?! Tonight's premiere answered that question, as well as whether or not Beckett would take the FBI job in DC, but left us with another HUGE question-- one of life or death. Seriously. Here's what happened  as explained through the top ten quotes of season six's first episode, 'Valkyrie.'

1. Castle: So that's a yes?

Beckett: No. Wait.
Castle: No?
Beckett: No, no, no. Not, no.
Castle: So... yes?
Beckett: No. Not, not yes.
Castle: You do know how this works, right?

So Castle's proposal does not exactly go smoothly — Beckett thought he was breaking up with her, as I'm sure a lot of the audience did during the beginning on his proposal speech — but eventually they figured it out. Before officially, and clearly, saying "yes" Beckett explains that she got the job in DC and Castle explains that he isn't proposing to her to make her stay, he's proposing because he loves her. Aww.

2. "Congratulations. Because of you the Chechens now have our nuclear launch code."

Flash forward two months from the proposal, and Beckett's new partner, Agent Rachel McCord (Lisa Edelstein), says this to a blood covered Beckett who is lying on the ground after being shot in the chest three times. Oh wait! It's all fake and was a just a crazy dramatic, intensely realistic, training experiment for Beckett's new job!

3. "Can you at least finish taking that off before you shoot me?"

Beckett is getting undressed in her bathroom when a stranger enters her apartment. Naturally, she busts out her gun and points it right at... Castle! Surprise! Who always has a one-liner even in the most potentially life threatening of situations. He comes to visit Beckett when he finds out she's stuck in DC instead of coming to visit in NY.

Ps: We also see in this scene that Beckett is wearing her engagment ring as a necklace rather than on her finger. If you've seen Sex and the City, you know this might not be a great sign... But that's a different show and I digress.

4. "Oh, come on. Who's gonna know?" *A knock at the door* "Wow, they're fast!"

This is spoken by Castle (could you tell?) the morning after he surprises Beckett. He tries to convince her to let him in on the classified case she's working on. It could be like the old days! But she's not having it and right in the middle of the conversation Agent McCord arrives to pick up Beckett. Soon after they leave, Castle finds a piece of photographic evidence that has fallen out of the classfied folder. You know where this is going.

5. "What the hell is he doing here?"

McCord and Castle are not off to a good start. Castle has used the found evidence to try to figure out the crime on his own. (As for the crime itself, someone has stolen an encryption system for a "module capable of shutting down military satellites.") This leads Castle and Beckett to end up at the same place (a golf course), at the same time. McCord is like, "Nuh uh, girl! You already got in trouble for this at your old job. I will turn a blind eye now, but NEVER AGAIN."

6. "Wait! This is a late 90s gold sedan!"

Castle was photographed meeting with Beckett at the golf course and apparently it was by suspect number one, a retired Marine named, Jack Bronson. Jack tracks down Castle, who is just trying to shop for salmon and wine for his boo, and forces him at gun point into his car. A car that Castle, from his earlier snooping, already knows matches the description of the bad guy's vehicle. I like how he says aloud that it's a "late 90s gold sedan" as if Jack doesn't already know that.

7. "You were in a car with a man who we believe is a enemy combatant of the United States. That's not a misunderstanding, Mr. Castle. That's a federal offense."

A super-important-FBI-guy-sounding line from a super important FBI guy. Castle is arrested on the scene of the car crash and taken into custody. What car crash? Oh, by the way, Jack, who was driving, died suddenly while murmuring something about "Valkyrie" and "Dream World" and the late 90s gold sedan rammed into the sidewalk. We find out that the FBI knows that Castle isn't involved, but that they want to make him sweat because he deserves it for being so snoopy.

8. "Really? 'Cause you dumped your phone, then you dumped your car, and you dyed your hair."

McCord keeps it coming with the sass. This time it's directed at Jack's girlfriend who was on the run but caught by Beckett and her "instincts." She was in possession of the encyption system, but swears that people were just after Jack and that she didn't understand any of it saying, "this isn't how it looks." That's what they all say. Including Castle, like, three scenes ago.

9. "What's on eight?!"

Beckett and her instincts are at it again even after McCord says they have everything solved already. Beckett's like, "That was too easy! They knew we would find the encryption system. It must be... a diversion." And I'm telling you the word "diversion" has never seemed so menacing. So then Beckett goes and looks up the building that the system was stolen from and the tenant on the eighth floor is classified information. Classified from the FBI? Say what?

10. "Based on the amount found in your blood stream you have less than a day to live."

This is that other cliffhanger I was talking about. The cliffhanger bigger than the proposal cliffhanger, but on a much lower cliff, I suppose, since we'll get to see what happens next week instead of three months from now. Turns out the eighth floor was being used by the military to test some sort of poison that was not being using as a weapon (yet) and enough to kill thousands of people was stolen. This is what the diversion was for! Anddddd that very chemical is what was used to kill Jack Bronson by being pumped into the ventilation of his car. That's right, the late 90s gold sedan that Castle was also in! So, FBI agents show up at Castle's home, take him to Beckett, and she tells him the above. Dun, dun, dun!!!

To Be Continued...

What did you Castle fans think of this episode? Happy with the engagment? Enraged with the ending? Is the show going to be called Beckett now? Just kidding, but, really, what are your theories on how this is going to turn out? Talk it out in the comments!


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