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Ideas on How to Arrange Living Room Furniture in Open Living Space

Open living areas are all the rage among home buyers now, but fitting furniture to an open space can be a challenge. Check out these pictures for inspiration:

Use the windows as a guide if you can. Arranging furniture around them allows for distinct nooks and gathering areas.

In a long, open room, use the furniture to create distinct spaces. Notice how in this picture, the sofas face one another and act as the boundaries for the living area, and the rest of the furniture fits between them.

If you have an open kitchen like this one, it's a blessing for serving and dining. I love what they have done with this space, placing the dining table area outside of the kitchen and transitioning into a living area. This is a perfect setup for a smaller space.

Many open floor plans don't allow for separate living and dining rooms, but you can still recreate the idea of them. In this space, the dining area and kitchen are next to each other, and the living area is a third area entirely.

Pictures via Flikr
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