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'Revenge' 3.16 Recap: 'Disgrace'


Happy spring, Revenge fans! Lindsay’s away this week (spring break, spring break forevaaaa...just kidding) so this recap is a solo venture. And there’s a lot to cover (as formal Hamptons events and new characters are apt to amp up the drama to the umpteenth degree) let’s hop right to it, hmm?

Papa, Can You Hear Me?
Margaux’s father, Pascal LeMarchal, arrives on the scene and, um, he’s...pretty sexy. In a very French way. And aside from trying to force Conrad out of Voulez, as Margaux has requested he do, he’s laying his sexiness all over Victoria in the form of smoldering glances, accented flirtation, and one beautiful gifted D&G evening gown. The Queen isn’t biting, but when Conrad wants to merge businesses with Pascal (which involves Conrad talking about “the Americas” like it’s 1492) and Pascal ain’t having it, Conrad throws down Victoria as a bargaining chip. Pascal looks intrigued, and all I have to say is: ew. Quite despicable, and for a show that regularly features deceit, murder, and deceitful murder, that’s saying something. Anyway, Pascal’s interest in sticking around only serves to anger Margaux, who recruits Daniel to take down their fathers after learning Pascal was fronting money to cover up the fact that Margaux’s Voulez is losing a million each quarter. Daddy issues, table for two?

The Case of Stevie Grayson and David Clarke
There’s a lot of Emily and Jack arguing over whether or not Jack should be involved with taking down the Graysons since it’s only ever served to get him plenty of dead family members this week, and I’ll spare you all the back-and-forth. The endgame is this: Stevie Grayson believes David Clarke was innocent, and knows that her DUI was a machination of Conrad Grayson, as payback for her visit to David in prison. She visits Emily and surmises that Ems isn’t actually on Team Grayson, and that they both want justice on behalf of Amanda and David. Jack decides to get involved when Stevie mentions (during one of their mother-son chats that are sure to become regular) that she received some suspicious evidence re: David and flight 197 but when she was disbarred her firm locked it all up. So Jack takes the initiative, along with Nolan, to break into the firm and lift the files from the archives. What do they reveal? That one Pascal LeMarchal sent the following note to Conrad: “Conrad, Per our request I handled TWM and your DC plan is safe.” DC = David Clarke, but what’s TWM? We’ll have to wait to find out. Jack is all in on Ems’ latest revenge plan, by the way (in the names of David, Declan, and Amanda), so it seems her team is growing.

Prisoner BFFAE
Another potential member on Team Emily? Javier, Nolan’s prison bestie/mentee, who’s basically Benny “the Jet” Rodriguez meets Danny Zuko meets Nolan-lite. He’s amusing, adorable, and everything our Hamptonites hate (i.e., sloppy and just a little loud). So he should be fun to have around. Javi and Nolan geek out about some tech stuff and Nolan looks pretty darn inspired as they chat. Add that to the fact that Javier is on house arrest/parole at Nolan’s address and I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of this guy.

Le Divorce
Daniel (and his mommy, chaperoning him to the bitter end; seriously, are they Norman and Mrs. Bates?) uses the PI photos of Emily and Aiden kissing to demand a divorce, which Victoria supplements with a huge settlement offer. Emily maintains that she’s not going anywhere, so Victoria does a little more digging and determines that Emily’s really after the family, not the fortune. After all, there must be some connection behind Emily dating Aiden (whose father supposedly put the bomb on flight 197) and being besties with Amanda Clarke. Vic wants to know what’s up, but Daniel just wants Ems out. He gets his wish in the end, after Emily’s faked pregnancy results leak and she’s disgraced at the opera. Of course, Ems orchestrated the blow-up on purpose, as she does. But she lets the Bates’ think they’ve won this round, though Victoria is still sleeping with one eye open when it comes to Emily.


  • Nolan sadly excluded, but how fierce did our Hamptonites look at the opera? Yowza.
  • Not a big fan of the double popped collar, but Nolan does look early fall fresh in his navy Polo and white shorts.
  • Plaid suit, spotted shirt, and striped tie? Good looks, Nol. Jack doesn’t look half bad in a suit, either. Too bad he can’t shave his face properly.

Best Lines from “Disgrace”:
  • “Just making sure you aren’t going to black out and become your own worst Emily.” - Was that a Lit joke, Nolan? Be still my heart.
  • I’m not transcribing it all because you know the general story, but bravo to Emily’s teary monologue, immediate recovery with that “cat that ate the canary” smile, and closing line to Daniel and Victoria’s ambush: “Consider that a preview of my testimony.” Don’t eff with an effer, Graysons.
  • “You’d think she’d appreciate the money I stole from the NSA to put her through night school but she just can’t seem to get over the first part. Or the getting caught part.” - Javier, Nolan’s prison BFF, about why he can’t crash with his mom post release from the clink.
  • “Don’t call it a comeback; I’ve been here for years.” - Nolan’s having an identity crisis, business-wise.
  • “This dress may touch my body, but you’ll never be so lucky.” - Victoria, always with the burns.

Next week: some casino night greatness! Let’s hope someone orders one too many seven and sevens and makes the evening into a proper sh*tshow. In the meantime, leave your thoughts in the comments (some topics to discuss: Will Javier get pizza sauce on Nolan’s white couch? Will Daniel bring Sara back into the picture? Do you miss Patrick?) and see you in seven days!
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