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'Revenge' 3.21 Recap: 'Impetus'


Previously on Revenge: thud, squish, Pascal is no more. So what’s happening in the aftermath in the penultimate episode of season 3? To the recap!

Lindsay: When we left off, Charlotte was being dragged off the beach by a masked man, who turns out to be… Aiden. Yep, Emily is behind this one, folks. Nolan is all “um, whoa, this is intense, Ems,” and she’s not hearing it. Aiden says that you don’t “kidnap someone halfway,” which is actually intense, as if he and Emily had kidnapped someone before. I wouldn’t put it past them. Anyway, the trio of doom is sending videos of Charlotte to Conrad via the MyClone app: they’re not actually hurting Charlotte, except when they A Clockwork Orange her and force her to watch a bunch of videos about David Clarke being framed for the whole Flight 197 thing. Coupled in with “who else did they kill to silence who knew about their plot” (the answer: Amanda Clarke (Beta) and Eric Van Der Woodsen, er, Declan), they look like they break Charlotte. Until Jack barges in. Ugh, Jack. Don’t you know when you’re not wanted (read: always)? Jack ends up letting her go, because he is a wimp and because Aiden told him to. Fine, Porter. You’re okay now.

Jess: In the “amateur detective” wing of the Hamptons, Margaux learns from an actual detective (who looks like a Ken doll) that Pascal was wearing a wire when he died. This prompts her to search the security footage, and even though all of the cameras with a clear view of the helipad were disconnected, she does have a shot of a #MysteryWoman running down the stairs after the “accident.” Unfortunately, Margaux makes the mistake of sharing her findings/suspicions with Daniel, who pretends to agree that he thinks Conrad killed Pascal, but I’m pretty sure Danny is just keeping his enemies closer here. And yes, turns out he’s just trying to put Emily as the #MysteryWoman and get a chance to mack on Margaux. He does let her in on her father’s involvement with Flight 197, and shares the fact that he’s pretty sure Emily’s working with Conrad somehow. Also amateuer detective-ing? Jack. He finally tells Ems about the “DC” ring he found in Charlotte’s (real) stalker’s cabin, and how he remembers David having a similar ring when they were kids. Ems is sure that this is her father’s ring. Dunh, dunh, dunh!

Lindsay: Then, a detective who looks a hell of a lot like Charlie Hunnam (have mercy) takes Emily in for questioning re: Pascal’s death. He even drives her all the way into the city! Now, that’s service. At the station, she is able to sneakily dial Nolan so that Nolan can listen in. Apparently, there’s a partial print on one of the wire pieces that Pascal was wearing, and they’re going to run it against Emily’s juvie file, provided to them by Despicable Daniel himself. He’s a real catch, that one. Emily, Nolan, and Aiden scramble to conceal the fact that if they run Emily’s prints, they’re going to get the prints of a dead girl. So, Aiden comes in and punches Daniel square in the face. And then Daniel and Margaux have a moment that I couldn’t watch because I hate Daniel that much, and the #HotCop flirts a little with Emily, so we think that that means that he will be back fo’ mo’.

Jess: Emily’s plot works on the Graysons exactly as planned...it’s just not the plan we thought it was. Conrad is spooked enough by the Van Gogh move she pulled to take the whole abduction threat to Victoria and demand they confess for Charlotte’s safety. Vic is almost convinced, but decides to run a DNA test using Carl’s blood (procured on the playground) and Charlotte’s hair, and once she gets the results (proving that they share no “Clarke” DNA) she’s certain Conrad has concocted the kidnapping story to incriminate her. But Jack gives in to his guilty conscience (and Aiden’s request) and frees Charlotte when he’s left alone at the kidnap compound (and good for him for sticking to his moral guns), which busts open the ransom scheme just a little bit.

After she’s freed, Charlotte shows up to confront Conrad and threatens to expose his dirty little secrets, just as Ems knew she would. Conrad then loses. his. shit. and threatens Char in turn...with death. While doing so, he confesses to funding Flight 197, framing David Clarke, and having Amanda killed. It all seems rather status quo for a Conrad speech, until we realize that a pin on Charlotte’s lapel (placed there by Team Emily) has been broadcasting his entire rant on the news. As Emily and Nolan watch this back-up plan go down perfectly, Emily’s overcome with emotion and cries for what must be the third time ever. Later, she visits Conrad in jail to show herself as the force behind all of this, and he wishes her good luck in going after Victoria. Conrad and Victoria, guys, they make me believe in true love. Oh, and in the middle of the episode, Aiden felt it necessary to tell Jack that he’s letting Emily go, but then he pulls a quick 180 and tells Ems that they belong together. Right before laying a smooch on her in full view of Jack. A pissing contest for Emily’s heart, just what this show was missing!

  • Nolan didn’t wear anything particularly great in this episode, but the coat game was upped: Emily and Jack both donned Olivia Pope-worthy jackets.
  • Victoria’s Morticia Addams-esque frock when Conrad was being toted away was also very lovely.

Best Lines from “Impetus”:
  • “You don’t kidnap somebody halfway, Nolan.” - Aiden, taking Takeda’s lessons to the limit.
  • “Do you and Aiden flip a coin for who will run the creepiest errand?” - Nolan, to Judge Judy Emily Thorne.

Well, Conrad’s been sent to the slammer, so what’s going to happen now with Victoria? Will she reveal Emily’s true identity? We can’t wait to see what happens on next week’s season finale, Revenge-rs. See ya there!
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