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Mandy Rain of 'School Gyrls' Could Be Big Star

Mandy Rain is the star of last year's teen flick School GyrlsNick Cannon's directorial debut. But now Rain is making a name for herself on the small screen as well, as a television series spin-off of School Gyrls aired for the first time last night on Nickelodeon.

School Gyrls Jacque, Monica and Mandy (Boston.com)
School Gyrls follows the lives of a pop singing trio that includes Rain, Monica Parales and Jacque Nimble. The girls are currently in the process of recording their debut album, which will be released this year.

According to Boston.com, the Nickelodeon series already has the makings of a hit. Described as a mix between High School Musical, Glee and Gossip Girl, the protagonists are freshman at an all-girls high school facing typical problems like hall monitors, catty cheerleaders and crushes.

As for Rain, she plays the good girl and has been touted as the series' main gal -- after all, it was she who first met Cannon on a reality show and signed her onto the show from the very beginning.

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