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Zimbio Exclusive: Kevin Hart & Maria Menounos on Their Personal Motivations, Health Journeys, & Secrets to Success

Hear all about Maria's weight loss journey, Kevin's insane schedule, and the fun ways they keep it all together.

In honor of San Francisco's SF HealthFest on Saturday, March 25, we sat down with actor/comedian Kevin Hart and actress/host Maria Menounos to chat about everything from their busy schedules to 10-minute workouts you can do in your very own bed (you read that right) to Menounos' own 40 lb. weight loss journey.

In addition to sharing tips and tricks for staying in shape on the go, the two opened up about the health struggles of loved ones, the benefit of exercise on mental health, crazy college moments, and their mission to encourage fans to get out and make better choices.

"You can't expect to be 100 percent if you're not giving yourself the chance," Hart said. "Doing 14-, 15-, sometimes 16-hour days, to do that day after day and not eat right, not condition yourself to deal with that type of schedule, traveling, eating fast food, not stopping, this eventually takes a toll on you.

"When you look around," the father of two continued, "and see all the closest people to you have fallen because of lack of education — strokes, diabetes, high blood pressure — these are all things that can be prevented. People don't take these things as serious as they should. Sometimes it takes a friend falling down to that level for you to go, 'Oh my god, it can happen to anybody.'"

Menounos echoed Hart's sentiment, recalling her own dedication to getting healthy when she first entered the entertainment industry.

"I grew up with a Type 1 Diabetic dad at home," she said, "and I got to see just how important putting good fuel into your body was. I did have a stint in college where I went a little crazy because I was away from my healthy home and gained 40 lbs. and so I had to lose that at some point because I didn't want to become diabetic. So health and fitness is a big part of my life."

Check out the full video below!

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