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Rare Footage of Marilyn Monroe to be Auctioned

Marilyn Monroe, the voluptuous American blond of the 1960s, has been an obsession for many. Every generation has its share of Monroe fans that learn all they can about the actress, swear she was murdered, then set on a quest to collect what memorabilia they can.

Well, for those people, a rare gem will be auctioned off in Melbourne, Australia later this month.

A film, featuring Monroe and co-stars Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon will be sold. The footage was taken behind-the-scenes by a U.S. naval officer invited on set by Monroe herself.

The footage is two-and-a-half minutes in length, on eight-millimeter film, and shows Monroe interacting with the two actors during a break from filming.

For Monroe collectors personal footage of the actress is a rare find, especially of this quality. The film is still in its original box.

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