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A Celebrity Guide to Effectively Shutting Down Your Twitter Haters


Let's face it: There are plenty of trolls and haters on the Internet that might not be down with your style, your work, your music, or what you represent. Just ask Carrie Underwood, Rihanna, James Blunt, and, more recently, Gabourey Sidibe, who have all found themselves at one point or another receiving unwanted attention on social media. But as we'll quickly learn, it's all about how you handle the situation that counts. 

Below, we've put together a short compilation of the best celebrity Twitter comebacks — a quick guide, if you will, to shutting down your Twitter haters one amazingly well-crafted tweet at a time. 

The Incite Envy Response    
The Scenario: At the 2014 Golden Globe Awards, American Horror Story actress Gabourey Sidibe strutted her stuff down the red carpet in a custom dress from Daniel Musto and Michael Costello. However, observers were quick to lay down their mean body-shaming observations. 
How She Responded: Sidibe reminded the Twitterverse that she could care less about what you think because, hey, she's living the dream. 

The Biblical Response 
The Scenario: Critics in the media and on social media weren't too kind to Carrie Underwood after she performed in the holiday TV spectacular The Sound of Music Live! 
How She Responded: She turned her haters to Jesus. 

The Do You Response
The Scenario:
Let this be a lesson, folks. Calling Rihanna out for her provocative music videos, choice of clothing, or extracurricular activities will probably be met with expletive-filled fury
How She Responded:
RiRi really knows how to play the "be blunt" game now doesn't she?

The Intentionally Unintentional Response  
The Scenario: Martha Stewart wasn't too keen on a November 2013 Buzzfeed article titled
"Someone Needs to Tell Martha Stewart Her Food Tweets Are Disgusting." 
How She Responded: The queen of home ec struck back by posting yet another twitpic that left foodies wondering whether or not she was being deliberate. 

The Unpredictable Response 
The Scenario:
Perhaps it was that massive petition calling for Nickelback to be replaced during the Detroit/Green Bay Thanksgiving Day football game in 2011, the jab the Black Keys took at them in the January 2012 issue of Rolling Stone, or the increasing flack they were getting from fans on Twitter. Either way, by the end of January 2012 the Canadian rock group had had enough. 
How They Responded:
The group responded with sarcasm, jokes, grammar corrections, etc. to practically every Twitter hater who made a mean joke about them.

The Year-Long Response 
The Scenario:
By 2013, James Blunt's Twitter haters were clearly waaaay over his 2005 hit "You're Beautiful." 
How He Responded: Blunt proved he was master of the slow game by responding to his Twitter haters with the wittiest, most sarcastic tweets over the entire course of 2013. #Win 

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