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Trailer Watch: 'Smashed' — Aaron Paul Trades Meth Making for Sobriety Struggles and Domestic Bliss

(Photo: Sony Pictures Classics)

With the epic and artful Breaking Bad wrapping up with next summer's eight-episode finale, fans can rejoice at the fact that it looks like Aaron Paul will have a successful transition to a career on the big screen. What's more, after watching the trailer for Smashed, Paul appears to be picking roles that resonate on deeply complex levels and allow him to stretch as an actor rather than simply capitalize on the success of his hit show.

As much as we love Jesse Pinkman Aaron Paul, Smashed is Mary Elizabeth Winstead's movie. While she's long been hailed for her potential as an actress, Smashed finally taps into it. the buzz coming out of Sundance was that her performance moved people to tears, making her a dark horse for Oscar contention. Judging by the trailer, a nod from the Academy wouldn't be a surprise.

Paul and Winstead play a married couple who thrive on endless nights of inebriated partying. However, a lifestyle devoted to getting drunk and blowing off responsibility can only go so far before something or someone starts to spiral out of control. Smashed examines the tribulations of Winstead's battle for sobriety, forcing her to confront the lies that have defined her life, her troubling relationship with her family, and the nature of her connection with her husband (Paul).

Here's the trailer:
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