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Surprise! Here's a Trailer for the 'Cloverfield' Sequel We Had No Idea Was Happening

J.J. Abrams has mastered the art of secret-keeping.

Surprise! Here's a Trailer for the 'Cloverfield' Sequel We Had No Idea Was Happening
Bad Robot

Surprise! There's a Cloverfield sequel coming. And we don't mean like it was just announced for a year away. We mean a trailer went up this morning, and it opens wide in two months! Seriously, with the ridiculous intensity of the Cloverfield fandom, how did JJ Abrams' production house, Bad Robot, keep this a total secret? Color us impressed.

The film stars Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Scott Pilgrim), John Gallagher Jr. (Short Term 12) and John Goodman as three apparent survivors who've managed to dodge the walking death that is the Cloverfield monster by posting up in an underground bunker. The trailer shows them trying to pass the time and not kill each other while ominous things happen above ground.

Not only do we really want to see what it is they're hiding from (Same monster? Different monster? Mutant cannibals who hunger for flesh?), we also want to know if the sequel will fill in that maddeningly blank Cloverfield history. Where did it come from? What happened in the years between the movies? Is it still playing soccer with the Lady Liberty's head? We want answers!

The film is being directed by up-and-comer Dan Trachtenberg, who won wide praise from gamers for a short film based on the videogame Portal. We've included the film below. It's totally worth watching even if you have no idea what Portal is.

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