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'Timeless' Co-Creator Says The Show Could Be Canceled... Again: 'I'm Nervous'

Fan support saved the series from its first cancellation in 2017.

'Timeless' Co-Creator Says The Show Could Be Canceled... Again: 'I'm Nervous'

Again, NBC? In 2017, the network's popular time-travel drama, Timeless, was canceled. While it had relatively strong numbers throughout its five-month season, viewership diminished nearing the finale. But shortly afterward, NBC announced it would un-cancel the show thanks to an outpouring of fan love. Sadly, only a year later, it looks like the series is yet again facing cancellation. This wicked, wicked dance we do.

On Sunday, May 13, series co-creator Eric Kripke expressed his concern via Twitter, and urged viewers to tune in for the two-hour Season 2 finale.

"Report from the front: honestly, #clockblockers, I'm nervous," Kripke wrote. "Could go either way. If you're a #Timeless fan, you must-- MUST-- WATCH LIVE TONIGHT at 9. We have to show a ratings spike. Spread the word! FIGHT! This is up to you now! (And its a GREAT finale). #RenewTimeless @nbc"

"Listen, we can argue whether this is fair or just. But it's the reality of network TV," Kripke followed up in a separate tweet. "They listen to ratings. We HAVE to watch live TONIGHT AT 9. It's our best chance. #clockblockers #Timeless #RenewTimeless @nbc"

NBC chairman Bob Greenblatt echoed Kripke's sentiments during NBC’s upfront call on Sunday morning.

"We try to honor the producers, let shows run and see what they do before making a decision that is premature," Greenblatt said. "We are hopeful and yet realistic as we have a lot of shows. We are going to take a look at the shows after their run and hopefully make a quick decision on them."

Still, the show's ratings continue to drop, according to Deadline. Currently, it sits at a 1.1 for the 18-49 age group compared to a 2.2 in Season 1.

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